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Harnessing the Power of the Remote Year Nation

If you were to ask any participant, past or present, what the greatest aspect of Remote Year is - other than the ability to travel the globe while maintaining their job - they will tell you without question: the people and what you can accomplish together.

What's that cheesy saying again?

In life, it's not where you go, but who you travel with.

While it may sound corny and perhaps bizarre to those on the outside, but for the individuals that travel on Remote Year ("Remotes" as we affectionately call them), the people and the community we form are what make this journey truly unique.

Anyone can travel the world, but how many are willing to do so with 65 to 75 individuals whom you know you'll have to live, work, play, explore and travel alongside for a full 365 days? Our groups are made up of individuals who not only love to explore the world -- we who also want to do something with it!

With each new set of Remotes, our larger Remote Nation gains a new set of driven, passionate, energetic, sometimes goofy and always empowering individuals from a range of industries, cultures, and social backgrounds. We're consultants, developers, entrepreneurs, designers, videographers (to name a few) and we've managed to take what we do best on the road. With each conversation you have with one of our Remotes, you are guaranteed to learn something new, and for that reason we decided to showcase them.

The Beginning of RYx

We had two goals in mind when deciding we wanted to showcase our Remotes:

  1. Create a platform that allows individuals to share their knowledge and talents
  2. Connect those ideas with the ideas in the communities where we travel.

From these two goals, we created RYx, a monthly networking series devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short, dynamic talks. We also decided that in order to constantly leverage the talents and ideas within our group that we wanted have each event to be solely organized and managed by our own group. Whatever we couldn't source from within, we would learn on the go.

In just two weeks, our Magellan community rallied behind this idea and hosted our very first RYx event in Valencia, Spain, with the theme New Beginnings, complete with speakers, photographers, videographers, speaker coaches and event planners - all sourced 100% from our ecosystem. Since Spain, we’ve hosted events in…

  • Lisbon, Portugal - Make it Happen
  • Rabat, Morocco - Soul Focus
  • Sofia, Bulgaria - Here and Now

Every event is modeled in a similar fashion to TED talks - a big favorite in our group - and then continued to alter it in a way that was unique to our community.

One example of this uniqueness was our decision to film and eventually live stream all of our events to ensure the idea sharing wasn't limited to just those who could attend in person. We are Remote workers after all and we knew the more people who could experience our event in real time the greater chance we had to truly impact and connect people globally! We want to create a discussion and empower those we encounter to do the same.

Dream Global. Empower Local.

Over the next 9 months, we have huge plans for RYx and we hope you'll join us on this journey! As we've seen the positive impact and connections we've made from our initial talks, we're ready to go global and will soon be launching RYx in every city our Nation travels to - bringing together even more ideas than ever before! This is an endeavor that we know has to potential to do big things and this is just the beginning.

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